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Comprehensive health scans- Using Galvanic Skin Response, sickness and chronic stressors can be identified with a balancing protocol. If you are truly interested in your personal short and long term health care, there is no other technology as advanced as this. Sessions scheduled Tuesdays 2-6 with results within 5 days. Cost $250 includes scan, review, and recommendations.


Powerful, bodywork sessions consists of a combo treatment of Shiatsu (acupressure massage), Reiki, and Aromatherapy for balancing and healing the whole self- mind and body. Scheduled Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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For information on bee rescues, presentations or private sessions, contact me at:

Partnering up with Dan Parsley, local Central Arizona beekeeper.  

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Meet the Killer Bee Man- Video


My quest for the combination of simplicity and health, as well as inspiration from Anastasia of The Ringing Cedar, has resulted in the creation of what I call ‘superhoney.’  The content of this thick and delicious substance can truly be considered a modern day “super” super food.

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Thank you Bella for a delightful afternoon from good company, yummy food, sweet oils, gentle touch, a phenomenal goodie bag and helpful words of support and guidance from spirit! I will take them to heart all to heart. The way you live your life and your beautiful being inspires me! I love hearing about all the wonderful projects you are involved it!! . Stephanie -Sedona, AZ

"I felt so much better after being back in your class Bella.  Thanks.  I love the oils that we blended just for me. All the ones we learned about and sampled in the aromatherapy class seemed to push my personal healing process.  I love your classes."  Amy, Mesa/Arizona



All items are natural, hand-made and contain the highest quality ingredients available.

Workshops are always fun with hands-on learning and take-home products.

THE ONLY WORKSHOP SCHEDULED FOR 2017 IS A SPRING HERBAL WALK AND TALK (Of course we will eat and drink and have lots of fun.) DATE: Saturday, March 25, 12-4, $40 included meal, drinks, herbal desserts, honey sampling, herb harvesting, potted herbs, and a gathering of always great people. To register- send check with name and email to Bella Donna, BHealthy BHappy LLC, POB 5453, Lake Montezuma, AZ 86342




Available upon request by contacting me at:

From my last reading, I obtained a lot of clarity which gave me the strength to move away from toxic situations. Many people have commented on how much happier I am now and how much “lighter” I seem. Thank you for your guidance. Definitely looking forward to seeing what my next reading uncovers! LC/NY