There are different factors which can cause or contribute to mineral imbalances, with the most likely being improper eating habits.  This usually means an intake of refined carbohydrates or alcohol as well as foods containing sugar and/or corn products. Any of these lead to poor nutrition. In current society it is hard to get a good, balanced mineral intake with the way foods are grown- in depleted soils with pesticide laden air and seeds. 

The second most likely reason for mineral and nutritional imbalances is stress. Stress can be either physical, emotional or mental, all of which can lead to devastating results in the human body, from anxiety issues to cancer. Many important minerals are lost in great quantities during stressful periods, including magnesium, zinc and the all important B complex vitamins. 

Another, often unrecognized physical stress is medications. Medications not only deplete nutrients from the body, but can also increase toxic levels of heavy metals. Some examples are:

                Sodium, potassium and magnesium loss due to diuretics.

                Vitamin and mineral deficiencies from antacids, aspirin and oral contraceptives.

Pollution and toxic metals also rank high in contributing to mineral deficiencies, most commonly lead, mercury- found in fish around the world and dental amalgams, cadmium- from cigarettes, arsenic- found in a lot of the world’s water supply, aluminum- from cookware and deodorants, all of these which can contribute to mineral absorption deficiencies.  

Also, and the most often overlooked reason for mineral deficiencies and imbalances are the improper use of nutritional supplements. Examples:

                Calcium absorption is decreased in the presence of too much phosphorus.

                Vitamin C is necessary for iron absorption but in excess can lead to copper deficiency.

                Vitamin D enhances calcium absorption but in excess can cause a magnesium deficiency.

With so many possibilities of cause for mineral imbalance, it makes sense to know exactly what your body’s mineral patterns are and how to adjust them specifically for you and at specific times in your life. Mineral needs and stress issues change many times throughout our lifetimes, so it’s important to stay on top of your health issues.  The easiest, most cost-effective and precise testing for this is hair tissue mineral analysis. This is a cutting-edge, diagnostic method that offers you very specific information into your health, from past exposures of heavy metals to future health trends you might expect if you make no life style changes. 

The testing is simple, a snipping of some hairs at the root, which are sent to a lab for diagnostic testing. The results are emailed to me as a healthcare practitioner with a detailed report of your minerals, mineral patterns, heavy metals, dietary suggestions, your specific health trends based on current results and specific supplement recommendations. I then write up a report to help explain the results which I review with you one-on-one, answering any questions that I can. 

The lab that I work with offers very specifically formulated supplement in exact balances for different needs. Their prices are reasonable and I have experienced exception results myself and with clients.

One caveat to this type of health testing is that patience needs to be your friend. We are so used to ‘quick-fixes’ and immediate results (albeit usually only temporary.)  Imagine the many years, hamburgers and sugar-laden drinks and sweets, as well as the stressful times in life you've endured. The damage cannot usually be reversed immediately. Be patient with yourself, and stick to your program, and you will, over time, find long-term and long-lasting results as well as positive changes in your overall health.

The testing costs is $100 and takes about ten days, from hair clipping to me receiving emailed results to report back to you on.

If anyone is interested in finding out their exact body nutritional status, and ways to make improvements, I would be glad to begin the journey with you. I believe this opportunity for me in the past ten year has not only increase my life expectancy, but has saved and improved my well-being both mentally and physically.  I would like to offer this to you.