My mission, goal, purpose, every aspect of my life is living in joy, always being happy and healthy, and helping others find their purpose, health, bliss, joy and place in the world. 

I  have been an intuitive healer my entire life. In 2001, I obtained my Oriental Bodywork Therapy certification from Southwest Institute of Healing Arts -SWIHA, in Tempe, AZ, and am currently licensed in the state of Arizona.  My program of study included Zen Shiatsu, Reiki, Reflexology, Polarity and Aromatherapy. My ongoing education and decades of practice have exhibited to me that most physical conditions are the manifestation of deep, internal struggles. By becoming aware  of these "signs from the soul" and addressing them with a holistic, mind-body approach, the result can be a long and healthy life, emotionally, physically and mentally.

Speaker and Co-creator of SW Herb Fest - click for information on this annual event in held in the beautiful mountains of Central Arizona

Herbal Infused Honey PODCAST January 2019


2018 Graduate of University of Sedona - 

Continuing studies -



Recognizing and Working with Africanized Honey Bees
Herbal Infusions- Why and How?
Apitherapy- Pollen Origins and Types, and Why Care?
Apitherapy- Honey Origins and Types
Gardening, Pollinating and Sustainability With Bee

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My Food, Bee and Me Forest in the southern Appalachian Mountains