"Bella taught me so much about my body and different aspects of the mind. She never ceases to amaze and intrigue. From issues that affected me as a child that have carried into my adult life with suggestions of ways to change my thinking. Her body work is nothing short of inspiring. She has awakened many emotions that had been repressed for years. She has been avery motivating Acuyoga instructor, also teaching how vibrations affect the body. Bella's knowledge of plants and their benefits are eye opening. Then there are the bees, another layer of health to humans. Bella is a loving, caring healer. It is indeed an honor to call her a friend."  Teri, Cottonwood, AZ

December, 2018 Super Honey Autoship Customer

December, 2018 Super Honey Autoship Customer

“Back when we were really poor , my alchemist mama Bella Donna would take whatever little bit of food we had in the kitchen , whatever she was growing in the garden and herbs in bloom and she could feed a house full of people. I still use that lesson today.” TIffy, January 2018
— Facebook Post
Super honey is hand crafted honey a lady makes with a bunch of healthy ingredients. She has her own bees and she’s really into health. I learned a lot about health through my friend, Debi, and also Bella that has the beehives. She’s been into health for many, many years. So she passes a lot of knowledge on and I am fortunate to learn lots of good info from Debi and Bella’s posts. The super honey has a combination of honey from Bella’s hives and other small production bee hives. She says you want to know where your honey comes from because most honey is nothing more than colored corn syrup. Isn’t that horrible that they can get away with doing that? Her honey is quality honey and very healing. She puts Manuka honey, Jerusalem artichoke root, cacao nibs, coconut oil, bee pollen, cinnamon (Sur Lanka not Vietnam cinnamon) cedarwood essential oil and macca root. She sends out one month jars where you just take about a quarter teaspoon every day. It’s delicious and it’s super healthy to build your immunity up. Tim started using it too and it has been impressive for both of us. I think I would have avoided the flu if I hadn’t been directly exposed with a lady wiping her nose and working on me the same day she got sick with it. She told me she woke up with it. I wanted to ask her why did she come to work?!!! It was too late for me. If you are interested in finding out more info regarding the super honey, I can connect you to Bella Donna. She’s a world of information. She is always posting interesting info and she sends a newsletter and recipes with her super honey clients. She is such a neat and giving lady. I haven’t met her personally, but I have chatted online with her many times. She also has a scan that helps determine what your body is deficient in and helps with suggestions on how to bring them back in normal ranges. Super interesting.
— Karen, Durango, CO
June 2019

June 2019

"Bella has truly been an inspiration to me....her Raindrop treatments have helped me tremendously...I can see her sincerity of intention and it moves me....she is realistic with prices...most of all a loving-hearted person who will go out of her way to help others...may our Creator continue to bless this wonderful human being." Maria, Phoenix, AZ


"Hi Nanci, Just a quick thank you for passing me the asparagus tip from Bella. My oncologist thinks his chemo poison shrunk the tumor, but we know better. It was the asparagus!!  For 2 weeks I didn't have chemo but kept up on the asparagus and the tumor shrank, which it hadn't been doing before.  Thank you SO much for sharing that tip with me. I'm passing it on to lots of people!  To me, Bella is 'Angel Bella.'  Please thank her for caring and sharing."  Love, Faith/ Deland, FL


"From your wonderful Green Drink last week I had just an awesome amount of increased physical energy along with mental clarity.  My stomach felt good all day without the bloating I normally have. Thanks again Bella, YOU ROCK! " Theresa, Sedona, AZ


"Meeting you changed my life. If it sounds big, it was. It still happens once in awhile, even to this old girl." Karri, Cottonwood, Arizona. 2017


"Bella, Your home, your dinner, your products, your life... are inspirations to all of us."  Love, Barb in Sedona

"WOW Bella. You definitely got something moving inside my case yesterday!  I went into a very intense sleep and had a hard time getting out of it this morning. I am usually up by four but slept until six... something definitely has shifted! Thank you."  F.S., Central Arizona

“From my last reading, I obtained a lot of clarity which gave me the strength to move away from toxic situations. Many people have commented on how much happier I am now and how much 'lighter' I seem. Thank you for your guidance. Definitely looking forward to seeing what my next reading uncovers!"  LC in NY

"I had a bottle of one of your tinctures at the cabin this summer and BOY did it work on the little kids. They would get big welts from the mosquitoes and your tonic would take it right away, everyone was amazed." -Kitty,  Sedona