Bella, Your Super Honey is awesome! Me and my 4 yr old son love it!
— Jason Roman, Facebook Post- 11/2014

Health Scans-  $450, scheduling for 2017, Tuesday afternoons. If you're interested in a consultation or to schedule a scan, contact me at:    These scans are also available remotely with a pre-scheduled time period and shipment of the hand equipment and remote app on a flashcard, computer at the other end necessary. 

Including in the Scan- 

  1. Shipment of hand scanner and flashcard containing app.
  2. Pre-appointment time scheduled with lab.
  3. One-hour scan time.
  4. Review of scan report within 5 days of scan. 
  5. Digital report - lab scan, condensed scan with listing of recommended protocol, and support materials.
  6. One-hour phone or email report review.
  7. First thirty days of recommended protocol.
  8. Psyche-K scheduled within 14 days.
  9. First 30 days of protocol.
  10. Email and text support for 30 days.
  11. Optional additional reviews at $50/hour.  


Super Honey- My quest for the combination of simplicity and health, as well as inspiration from Anastasia of The Ringing Cedar, has resulted in the creation of what I call ‘Super Honey'.  The content of this thick and delicious substance can truly be considered a modern day “super” super food.

Concentrated Mineral Water

Specialty Honey Blends

  • Spearmint Infused Honey
  • Lavender Infused Honey
  • Creamed Cinnamon Honey


  • Longevity Tincture
  • Chaparral Tincture
  • Propolis Tincture