Bella, Your Super Honey is awesome! Me and my 4 yr old son love it!
— Jason Roman, Facebook Post- 11/2014

NEW PRODUCT INTRODUCTION, MARCH 15, 2016-  FOCUS, an enticing and helpful blend for focusing attention mentally as well as physically.   Contains frankincense, lime, ylang ylang and other organic, high-quality essential oils in a slight base of a carrier oil. Only the highest quality of each ingredient is used in my products.  Roller-bottles, $20 each, shipping included.

Health Scans-  $250, scheduling for 2017, Tuesday afternoons. If you're interested in a consultation or to schedule a scan, contact me at:

CLICK HERE TO OPEN THE STORE WHICH TAKES A FEW SECONDS. Items available online- class and workshop registrations, specialized honey products, scan appointments, aromatherapy blends and seasonal items.