I am most confident when starting a health journey with someone after a Comprehensive Health Scan.  This is a cutting-edge test that is incredible and even unbelievable in the results it can show. With this information we can move forward together knowing exactly what is going on in the body. This requires a long-term commitment on your end to yourself in working with the ebb and flows, and ups-and-downs of health issues that we all deal with, some under or control, others not so much. The Comprehensive Health Scan is $450 which provides you a detailed 12-15 page report along with a review and discussion.  The testing is done via an offsite lab from my location with me facilitating the 45 minute test.  Reviews can be one to two hours as the materials covered in it are quite excessive.  Here are some files relating to the Comprehensive Health Scan(CHS).  (Information updates in progress.)

Current Client Follow-up Scans - $250


Sample Scan (Report Output) in .doc                       "Beat Cancer Naturally" Link 

PSYCH-K (Aspect of the healing protocol)              "The Role of Emotions on Our Health"

Color-therapy                                                                 Herxing and You Health       

Bee Propolis Tincture                                                   HIPPA Form

Spine Chart                                                                    Bach Flower Essences

Chakra Chart                                                                 Teeth Chart  

Herbs to Help Repair Gut                    


Comprehensive Health Scans ($450/ $250-Follow-up Scan) Schedule yours today by contacting Bella at-BeeingBella@gmail.com

From your wonderful Green Drink last week I had just an awesome amount of increased physical energy along with mental clarity.  My stomach felt good all day without the bloating I normally have. Thanks again Bella, YOU ROCK! Theresa, Sedona, AZ  

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