I am most confident when starting a health journey with someone after a Comprehensive Health Scan.  This is a cutting-edge test that is incredible and even unbelievable in its results shown you. With this information we can move forward together knowing exactly what is going on. This requires a commitment to yourself in working with the ebb and flows, and ups-and-downs of health issues that we all deal with.

This is not  a treatment program  for those who choose avoidance, denial or heavy pharma-drug medicine. This program is most beneficial to those willing to truly heal and sustain a long-lasting, healthy lifestyle thru counsel, past life regression readings, nutritional coaching and some heavy-duty, yet gentle and loving soul work. 

Dr. Bruce Lipton- Biology of Belief, discusses our health based on our beliefs. 

The Comprehensive Health Scan is $450 which provides you the following towards whole-health and healing:  

  • 14-16 Lab Report
  • Condensed 1-2 page report (It helps explain so much information that could be overwhelming)
  • One-hour review of scan and recommended protocol
  • PsycheK Session- One hour session with Dr. Wil - About PsycheK You Tube
  • First thirty-day protocol- Tinctures, supplements, individually determined with scan
  • Follow-up and necessary support

The test is done remotely via hardware and an offsite lab. This is arranged with a personal meeting or the scanner can be mailed.  Process:

  • Discuss scan and health issues- both acute and chronic
  • Scan is shipped with detailed instructions on setting up and using
  • Appointment with lab is arranged; Payment is secured via check, PayPal, credit card, or cash
  • Scan is run - Taking 35-50 minutes
  • Results are send from the lab to me as the facilitator within 48 hours
  • I review scan and write up a condensed scan that we review via phone, in-person or online
  • You received via email- copy of full scan, copy of condensed scan report with supporting file and information, recommendation of a BACH Remedy (per scan), information on setting up your PsycheK session and a 30-day supply of suggested protocol. 
  • Phone, text, email support as reasonable and necessary to support your program
  • You return the scanner as soon as your scan is complete.  (A credit card is needed to secure deposit and safety of the scan, but not changed unless it is not returned within 7 days. $399)
  • You are encouraged to watch the YouTubes listed below and read the supportive files before, during and after your scan

Schedule your scan appointment today - beeingbella@gmail.com and get to the root of your health issues.

Download info and details on the Comprehensive Health Scan

GSR Health Scan- First Time-  $450

Current Client Follow-up Scans - $250


        Sample Scan (Report Output) in .doc                                                      

PSYCH-K (Aspect of the healing protocol)                                             "Beat Cancer Naturally" Link                    

Dr. Bruce Lipton                               Dr. Rob Williams/PsychK               You Tube on PsychK

Color-therapy                                    Herxing and You Health                Green Juicing

Bee Propolis Tincture                      HIPPA Form                                     Spine Chart  

Bach Flower Essences                    Chakra Chart                                     Teeth Chart  

Herbs to Help Repair Gut               What is MSM?                                  Reasons to Avoid Grains


Comprehensive Health Scans ($450/ $250-Follow-up Scan) Schedule yours today by contacting Bella at-BeeingBella@gmail.com  To get to the ROOT/CORE of health issues. 

MONTHLY HEALTH COACHING PROGRAMS AVAILABLE, BEGINNING APRIL 2018. Send me your email to be on the list of those first contacted.  BellaBHBH@aol.com